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Most Important Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams

Competitive Exams Questions and Answers:

Science: Physics important questions and answers 

1. Swimming in water is possible due to Newton's law of motion.
answer. Third rule
2. Who influenced the concept of Block Hole?
answer. s. Chandrasekhar
3. Whose flame is Jyoti flux.
answer. Lumen
4. Which waves do not transmit in zero
Answer: Sound waves
5. What is the reflection on the human eye retina?
answer. Real and inverted reflection
6. Which part of the eye controls the amount of light entering the eye.
answer. Iris
7. When the waves of light pass through the glass through the air then only the perfection will be affected.
answer. Wavelength and velocity
8. A stick dipped in water appears to be bent due to whom.
answer. Light refraction conversion
9. What is the height of the surface of a synchronous satellite from the surface of the Earth?
answer. 36,000 km
10. When an object is placed between two parallel plane mirrors then how many numbers will be formed then.
answer. Infinity
11. Which instrument is used to find out the situation of submerged objects in the ocean?
answer. Sonar machine
12. How much of the energy spent in tube light is converted into light.
answer. 60-70 parts
13. How to combine color combination in umbrellas to avoid sunlight.
answer. Black up white
14. Which process does not occur both in light and sound?
answer. Washing process
15. What is the nearest portion of the Earth's gravitational gravity to the moon?
answer. 1/6
16. Chandra X-Ray binoculars were named after which of the scientists?
answer. S. Chandrasekhar
17. Human frequency is experienced in the frequency range of frequency of vibrations.
answer. 20, 20,000 Hz
18. Coolidge tube is used to produce which radiation.
answer. X radiation
19. What happens when arsenic atoms are inserted in germanium mesh?
answer. Exterior semiconductor
20. Which instrument is used for inspection of distant objects.
answer. Telescopic optical
21. Which lenses are used to remove the near approaches defect.
answer. Concave lens
22. What is the amount of mass received by the proportion of matter and the proportion of velocity?
answer. Physical amount
23. People who use glasses have the use of a microscope to keep them in what they should be wearing.
Answer: Chashma
24. What is done by blue and red plants in the types of light.
answer. Acute absorption
25. Who produces by heating the fibers in the hose
answer. White light
26. The laws of statutory magnetic induction are used to make
answer. Generator
27. The speed of sound will be maximum in the medium of about 20 degree Celsius.
answer. iron
28. Which part of the donor's eye is transplanted in eye donation?
answer. Cornea
29. The speed of light is minimized by going through.
answer. The glass
30. On which part of the human eye the image of the object makes.
answer. Retina part
31. Full description of the animator whose principle is based on the rule.
answer. Stephen
32. Which clocks are used to correct the short time intervals correctly.
answer. Atom
33. The wave theory of light was proposed by whom.
answer. Hygens
34. A horsepower (H.P.) is equal to how many watts.
answer. 746 watt
35. The heat of the sun comes through on the earth.
answer. Radiation type communication
36. The age of earth is determined by what method.
answer. Uranium
37. Celsius scale will be equal to the degree of 0 degrees Celsius Fahrenheit scale.
answer. 40 degrees
38. Large amount of energy emerges from the explosion in the atomic bomb, due to its alteration.
Answer: Power
39. Water is the highest specific value.
answer. Heat
40. Which part of solar radiation heat the solar cooker?
answer. Infrared ray </ p>
<p> 41. Who has rendered the universal law of gravity?
answer. Newton
42. What is the speed of light in the air.
answer. 3 x 108 m / s
43. Which lenses are used in the person's eyeglasses with distant vision defects.
Answer: Upper lens
44. What kind of light is the light wave?
45. What do we feel more about the weather during the winter season?
answer. Feel cold
46. ​​Who first produced the whistle waves by producing whistle.
answer. Gault
47. Who discovered the electromagnetic form of light?
answer. Maxwell
48. Curie radioactive is the unit's name of Kiss.
Answer dharmita
49. Which of the photography part of the camera camera works?
answer. Retina of the eye
50. Who had invented airplane at the beginning of this century.
answer. Wright Brothers
51. If the electrical resistance of a Parapi substance falls to zero, then what that substance is called.
answer. Pilot
52. What is the instrument measuring the rays of sun rays?
answer. Hygrometer
53. Which mirror is used in the automobile to see the traffic on the back side.
Answer: The upper mirror
54. Who invented the lightning conductor?
answer. Benjamin Franklin
55. Concave lenses always make a reflection.
answer. Virtual
56. Temperature of boiling water in the steam engine can be due to high pressure inside the boiler.
answer. High
57. On the basis of its use in the semiconductor, the impurities are mixed to enhance what.
answer. electric conductivity
58. Which mirror is used to make a periscope?
answer. plane mirror
59. What is the maximum of red color
answer. Wavelength
60. The heat coupling thermometer is based on the principle of
answer. Vinegar
61. What is measured per second of a flying wheel.
answer. Setroboscope
62. What is the transfer of heat to liquids and gases?
answer. Convection
63. A jet aircraft is flying in the air with the speed of 2 mc, when the speed of sound is 332 m / s. So the aircraft moves 664 m / s. is .
64. We get sunlight on the surface of the earth, whose light is this kind of light.
answer. Parallel type
65. Heat

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